American social game titan Zynga has hired Matt Wolf as Vice President of Blockchain Gaming to direct the company as it plunges into NFTs and the Blockchain gaming ecosystem.

According to a report, Matt Wolf will be responsible for integrating NFTs and Blockchain technology into Zynga’s existing system and will build new games from scratch with the same technology.

Speaking on the new direction of the gaming company, the Chief Product Officer, Scott Koenigsberg, said Zynga’s aim is to reach a new market and legitimize new ownership possibilities for gamers on its platforms.

“With blockchain having a greater prominence in the digital economy, Wolf will help Zynga reach a new addressable market through NFTs and legitimize new ownership possibilities for gamers on our platforms,” he said.

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Stats and Image from Coin Desk

Wolf emphasizes how NFT is revolutionizing the gaming ecosystem, and Zynga is positioning itself as a player and stakeholder in blockchain technology.

“Zynga’s mission to connect the world through games makes NFTs and blockchain technology a natural next step in its evolution. Web3 token-based systems will allow us to innovate and deliver new forms of player value in our games, while also transforming how players interact with each other,” said Wolf.