Ethereum Sets New Realized Price Record Of Over $200

Glassnode, a data metrics site revealed that Ethereum’s price has reached a new high of $287.09, surpassing the 2018 record.

Realized price refers to the value of coins that are actively used, and not the current price of a cryptocurrency as listed on exchanges.

According to Digitalik, realized price is the realized market cap divided by the total amount of generated coins.

Chinese Authority Whisks Off Crypto Exchange Founder Over Fraud

A core founder of CEO Global, a crypto exchange company in Hong Kong has been arrested by Chinese government authority concerning illicit money transferred to his account through “telecommunications network fraud.”

In a statement released by the company, will temporarily shut down all the deposit and withdrawal of all currencies on the site, because most cold wallet private keys are with the arrested core founder as well as due to the risk of regulatory policies that might be put in place due to the card fraud.

The company, however, assured their clients of the safety of their assets, and that operation will resume as soon as internal matters are resolved.

Adam Back Wants ‘Bits’ To Replace ‘Sats’ As Bitcoin’s Unit Of Measurement

The CEO of a blockchain technology company Blockstream, Adam Back, wants the sats which is the smallest unit of measurement in bitcoin be replaced by bits, stating that former is too confusing.

Back, posted on his Twitter page that the anonymous creator of bitcoin Satoshi originally created sats to be bitcents under bits, but was later “honorifically dubbed the bitcent the satoshi or sat for short.”

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Introduces New Crypto, Wozx

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has introduced a new cryptocurrency, WOZX for its blockchain-based energy-saving company, Efforce.  

In a statement released by Efforce, energy end consumers can participate in tokenized energy saving, where token holders will be granted access to energy savings projects listed on the Efforce platform, that will generate financial returns.