BIGG Digital Assets Tops Up Bitcoin Holding By Investing in 40 BTC

The Canadian-based crypto company which is also the owner of the crypto brokerage Netcoins and Blockchain Intelligence Group, BIGG Digital Assets, has topped-up its crypto holdings by purchasing 40 BTC, worth 994,160 CAD (around $777,300 USD).

According to BIGG CEO Mark Binns, this new investment which has increased the company’s treasury to 189.5 BTC over $3.6 million in total is because of the potential for bitcoin to surge in price as seen in recent times.

Facebook’s David Marcus Asks Regulators to Give Diem a Benefit of Doubt

Head of Facebook Financial David Marcus is still optimistic about Diem launch in 2021 despite oppositions from global regulators, saying that the crypto project deserves the benefit of the doubt.

While speaking at the Singapore FinTech Festival, Marcus said Facebook and their partners have invested in Diem and the Novi wallet and should be given a chance “I don’t think what we are asking for is just immediate trust. I think … what we’re asking for is at least to have the benefit of the doubt.”

Square Pledges $10 million to Promote Clean Energy

Payments company Square has pledged a $10 million investment towards Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative to support companies that are driving renewables within the bitcoin ecosystem.

According to a press release, Square is considering the possibility of opening the Bitcoin Clean Energy Investment Initiative for participation by a consortium of like-minded companies in order to amplify the impact.

Messari Founder Says U.S Government is Bitcoin’s Final Boss To Beat

The co-founder of data and research company Messari, Ryan Selkis said the U.S government is the only remaining hurdle bitcoin must surmount, describing them as the ‘final boss’ to beat.

Selkis said in his 2021 crypto sector thesis that the U.S government, see bitcoin as a tool to compromise international sanctions. “For the U.S., bitcoin presents a tool to undermine international sanctions, and 80% of mining capacity now sits behind enemy lines in China, Russia, and Iran,” he stated.