Bitcoin Gains $1000 in Price Appreciation for 3 Consecutive Days

Bitcoin keeps soaring and crossing limits ever since it crossed the psychological $20,000 mark on December 16.

Bitcoin came with a Christmas gift of $25,000 on the 25th of December, a new record after going through a roller-coaster-ride of $23k and $24k for a week.

On the 26th of December, it also set a new record of $26,000 and soared above $27,000 on the 27th of December as well.

On Sunday morning, bitcoin set the latest trend of $28,000 briefly after crossing the $27,000 same day.

Crypto Analyst Ryan Watkins Says Institutions Will Invest In Ethereum In 2021

Ryan Watkins, an analyst at crypto data provider Messari has predicted that institutions will start investing in Ethereum in 2021, just like they invested in Bitcoin.

According to his Tweet, he stated that once bitcoin has been perceived and accepted as valuable, then it will be easier to accept other crypto as valuable too.

“In 2021 we begin seeing institutions buy $ETH. Once you accept that Bitcoin may be valuable, it opens your mind to the possibility that other cryptoassets may also be valuable. It’s a much easier jump from $BTC to $ETH from there,” he tweeted.

Ethereum Spikes by 13%, Sells Above $700

The second highest cryptocurrency by market cap Ethereum has gained a new record of above $700 since 2018 on Sunday, same day BTC set a $28,000 record.

As of the time of writing this report, ether is up by 13.90%, with a current price of $737.85 and a market cap of $83.82 billion, according to data from Coin Desk.