Saudi Arabia and UAE’s CBDC Passes Trial Test

The central banks of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) digital currency (CBDC) trial, using distributed ledger technology (DLT) has proven that it is beneficial to cross-border interbank transactions without the active involvement of central banks.

In a report tagged “Project Aber” meaning ‘one who crosses boundaries’, the distributed ledger technology will address safety, finality and privacy issues commercial banks had not been able to resolve.

Guggenheim Plans to Invest Up to $500 Million Into Bitcoin

Guggenheim Partners, a global investment firm, has shown interest in investing 10% of its Macro Opportunities Fund worth $5.3 billion, amounting to $500 million into bitcoin through the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

Guggenheim said this in a report filed to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC on Friday, making it the latest multibillion-dollar company to show interest in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increases as Price Stabilizes

Glassnode, an on-chain analytics provider said in its official Twitter page that mining difficulty of bitcoin has increased by 8.9%, making it now only 4.4% below its all-time high.

Bitcoin is currently maintaining $18k spot again after a troubled week which saw to its decline. More mining difficulty may lead to a struggle for miners to earn rewards, delayed mining time and increased number of unmined transaction in bitcoin’s mempool.

Sushiswap Fends Off Attackers After Losing $15k

Sushiswap has successfully stopped the infiltration of its system by hackers.

0xMaki, the General Manager of the cryptocurrency exchange, confirmed that the case has been resolved, and the funds the exploiters carted away with, which amounts to between $10,000 and $15,000 will be resolved.