As the war caused by the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, the Ukrainian government seeks to carve the war’s memory in stone and control conversation about the war using NFTs.

The Ukrainian government has launched its NFT museum, The Meta History Museum of War, to preserve the memory of real wartime events and collect donations for its army and citizens hit by the ongoing war.

The NFT museum will be powered by, an NFT platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon network for minting NFTs.

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Stats and Image from Coin Gecko

The NFTs will be sold in chronological order of events of the war, and the content will remain hidden until purchase. This means buyers will buy an NFT before knowing its content.

100% of proceeds from the purchase of the NFT will go directly to the official cryptocurrency wallet held by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

The NFT museum will operate like an NFT marketplace, where NFTs are listed, minted, and purchased.

Ukraine has benefitted immensely from dominations made through cryptocurrencies, and NFTs aid the war-torn nation. Ukraine DAO NFT alone raised $6.5 million through the Ukrainian flag non-fungible token (NFT) auction sale.