Over two thousand people have contributed over $3 million as people bid for the Ukrainian flag 1/1 NFT organized by Ukraine DAO to raise funds for war-torn Ukraine.

The auction was launched on February 26 by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DOA), Ukraine DAO, organized by PleasrDAO, Trippy Labs, Pussy Riot to allow people either donate cryptocurrency or bid for an NFT, which is a Ukrainian flag.

The contribution is made on PartyBid, a platform which lets people pool their capital together to purchase NFTs as a team.

According to a statement on the donate page of Ukraine DOA, 100% of the funds raised will be donated to the war-torn nation through the “Come Back Alive” charitable and volunteer initiative.

“Funds raised from this sale will be directed to helping the Ukrainian civilians suffering from the war initiated by Putin,” the statement reads.

In the last 24 hours, bitcoin has been down by 0.3%, with a current price of $38,871.48 as of the time of writing this. Within 24 hours, bitcoin experienced a $37,421.50 low and $39,442.91 high. The trading volume of bitcoin in the last 24 hours is $20,952,887,340. The current market capitalization of bitcoin is $737,413,298,002. Currently, $18.97M bitcoins are in circulation.

Stats and Image from Coin Gecko

As of the time of filing this report, 13534 Ethereum worth $3.6 million has been contributed to the bid. The auction will end on March 2.

This project shows the power of NFTs and blockchain technology beyond arts and finance but shows that NFTs can play key roles in humanitarian activities and make real changes in the real world.