NFT artist Justin Aversano, during the Non-Fungible Conference in Lisbon, said he is planning to open a physical gallery for NFTs in Santa Monica, California.

Justin Aversano, the co-founder of Quantum and the creator of the successful NFT photo project Twin Flames, which featured 100 photos of Twins from across the world and generated millions of dollars in sales, said the gallery will serve as a hub where NFT enthusiasts will buy arts, work and socialize.

While speaking about the physical gallery, Aversano said, “It’s gonna be a place that’s a home for artists, collectors, and newbies.”

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According to Aversano, people who have never bought an NFT in a digital marketplace will be able to use their credit cards to buy an NFT in a physical space and get the NFT in their Ethereum wallet.

Quantum Key NFTs holders will get special access to the gallery. The prices of arts at the gallery will range from $100 for casual buyers up to 1 ETH for serious collectors.

The gallery will take 20% cuts of profits made from NFT sales.

The 3,600-square-foot physical gallery will be open in early June in Santa Monica, with plans to open more in other major cities.