Tokyo-based blockchain firm LayerX and digital ID solutions provider xID have collaborated alongside the Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture to build a voting platform for the city using blockchain technology.

According to an official statement released by LayerX, the partnership agreement is aimed at realizing a highly convenient digital society, and consolidating other digitization efforts by the city such as the “Blockchain City Declaration”, and the partial automation of city hall operations by Robotic Process Automation.

The aim of the partnership agreement is also to address some challenges associated with online voting “it is not easy to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of information, and these have become issues in social implementation.”

However, they are adopting blockchain technology because of its transparency and privacy protection capabilities “LayerX has been promoting research and development of concealment and anonymization technology to balance privacy protection and utilization of personal information.”

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LayerX developed an electronic voting protocol that balances the transparency of the voting process and the confidentiality of voting content, while xID handled the digital identity system which can prove the identity of the person and issue only one ID per person.

The idea behind the collaboration is making online voting in Kaga cheaper and more convenient for voters, especially then elderly living in remote areas and preventing double voting by combining the solutions to build a highly convenient electronic voting technology.