Decentralized NFT marketplace on Arbitrum, Treasure was hit by hackers who have stolen NFTs listed on it on Wednesday.

The hackers reportedly carted away with hundreds of NFTs from different collections, including Smol Brains and other collections at zero $MAGIC, the native token of the ecosystem.

However, Treasure developers announced on Discord that the problem, which stemmed from a bug, had been rectified, and hackers have started returning the stolen NFTs to their owners.

“Almost all Hacked NFTs being returned. Your smols and legions will get back to you soon friends,” @Br0keboy96 tweeted.

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Stats and Image from Coin Gecko

Treasure also announced that it will explore some remediation options for users who do not get their stolen NFTs. Still, these options would be discussed and agreed upon by community members.

“Once we have the full list of remaining impacted parties who did not receive back their stolen NFTs, we will propose a number of remediation options to ensure users are made whole. These options will be tabled with the community and voted on by the DAO,” the note read.

Treasure DAO co-founder John Patten had tweeted on Wednesday when the exploit just happened that Treasure and he will cover the cost of the exploits.

“We will cover the costs of the exploit — I will personally give up all of my Smols to repair this,” he said.