Hackers have hijacked verified Twitter accounts to announce false Azuki NFT drops to mislead users and steal their NFTs.

After hijacking these verified Twitter accounts, the hackers upload Azuki NFTs as profile pictures and claim to be founders of the Azuki project.

The hackers then tweet links announcing a secret drop, then tagging thousands of unsuspecting Twitter users, telling them to link their Ethereum wallet to “claim a bean.” Beanz NFTs were airdropped into Azuki holders’ wallets last week.

However, anyone who clicked the link sent out by these hackers gets their NFTs stolen instead of getting an NFT.

This is not the first time hackers are hijacking blue-ticked Twitter accounts to tweet phishing links to steal NFTs.

In March, hacked Twitter accounts promoted fake Ape Coin airdrop, resulting in victims losing more than $1 million.

Reacting to the hack report, a Twitter representative confirmed to Decrypt that the company is “aware of and actively working on a solution to combat.”