GameStop’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace plans are now taking shape with the launch of the beta version built on Ethereum scaling provider Loopring.

The Head of Growth at Loopring, Adam Browman, posted on Medium that the integration will allow users to gain access to a fast, cheap and secure platform powered by Loopring.

Loopring layer 2 solution allows digital creators and exchanges adopting it to avoid the high-cost gas fees and slow speed associated with Layer-1 blockchains like Ethereum. However, Loopring’s zkRollup inherits Ethereum’s self-custodial security.

Although GameStop’s marketplace is not yet fully running, users can get early access to the platform to register and set up their profiles. They can also connect their wallet and make deposits ahead of the launch.

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Stats and Image from Coin Gecko

American video game and gaming merchandise retailer GameStop revealed in its Q4 financial report submitted to the American SEC that it will be launching its highly awaited non-fungible tokens (NFTs) marketplace by the end of Q2 2022 or ending of June 2022.

The news going around earlier was that GameStop’s marketplace will be built on the Immutable X platform.

Immutable X tweeted on Wednesday that it is still powering GameStop’s NFT marketplace as their preferred partner. It also acknowledged that it is aware of Loopring integration, stating that it is “not a surprise.”