GameStop has teamed up with Immutable X to launch its non-fungible or NFT marketplace where gamers can develop, buy and sell in-game assets.

This news is coming after GameStop signaled its plan to launch an NFT project last October when it announced job openings for NFT roles and then hired over 20 NFT experts for a new NFT unit in the firm this January.

GameStop’s marketplace will be built on the Immutable X platform, which claims to offer zero gas fees and carbon-neutral NFTs for developers who want to build marketplaces, games, and applications.

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The partnership also includes funding of $100 million to NFT game developers using the new marketplace to create NFT games.

The co-founder and CEO of Immutable, Robbie Furguson, told Decrypt that it will utilize the advantage of the Immutable platform to create opportunities for developers to create and earn.

“Until now, developers have been challenged to create in-game items that players can truly own due to prohibitive [Ethereum] gas fees. By building on Immutable X, GameStop is seeking to tap into Ethereum’s dominant and open ecosystem of NFTs, creating massive opportunities for participation and liquidity,” he said.