American international basic cable sports channel ESPN is taking its first step into the world of non-fungible token collectibles with the latest deal with Tom Brady’s NFT platform Autograph.

ESPN and Autograph have signed a multi-year deal that kicks off with the launch of Man in the Arena: Tom Brad NFT collection based.

Man in the Arena: Tom Brady is a three limited-edition NFT cover based on a 10-part ESPN+ documentary series about the America Football quarterback Tom Brady. The documentary series was produced by Religion of Sports, a media company co-founded by Brady.

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Co-Founder and CEO at Autograph, Dillon Rosenblatt, said in a statement that “As the first NFT partner for ESPN, the possibilities across sports and technology are endless, and we couldn’t be more excited to get this content out to the world in a massive way.”

The NFT collection can be viewed on Autograph and bought NFT marketplace DraftKings.

The cover-styled NFTs are 250 editions of Tom Brady: Greatest of All Time collection, 100 editions of Tom Brady: Legacy collection, and 50 editions of Tom Brady: Man in the Arena collection.