The former CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, has revealed that Disney is talking about creating a metaverse and predicts that digital assets will experience an explosion on NFT marketplaces.

Bob Iger told New York Times’ Kara Swisher on the Sway podcast that NFT trading is similiar to fan card trading which he did as a kid, only that NFTs are digital and backed by blockchain.

“I think the ability to collect things, even if they’re digital— we forget, in our generation, that things don’t have to be physical. They can be digital, and they have meaning to people. And as long as that meaning can be essentially substantiated in a blockchain, I think you’re going to see an explosion of things being created, traded, collected in NFTs,” he said.

Iger said “Disney has done some licensing” and he believes that the possibilities for Disney in the NFT space are extraordinary.

“When you think about all the copyright and trademarks, characters Disney has and the NFT possibilities, they’re extraordinary,” he said.

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Speaking about the metaverse, Iger thinks that it “will definitely be more compelling in experience, certainly more immersive, more dimensional.”

However, he raised the alarm about “toxic behavior” on internet 2.0: Twitter and Facebook. He hopes Disney would play a role in moderating and monitoring such behavior on the metaverse.

“I think something Disney is going to have to consider as it talks about creating a metaverse for themselves is moderating and monitoring behavior,” he added.