DC Comics and Palm NFT Studio are set to release Batman-themed non-fungible tokens called the Bat Cowl Collection alongside other perks that will keep unfolding over the next two years.

The Bat Cowl Collection will be released on April 26 and will feature 200,000 Bat Man masks, each having unique shapes and colors. Each mask costs $300, meaning DC will rake in $60 million at the sales end.

DC promises the Bat Cowl NFT owners some secrets and surprises, including new features unveiling every 52 days and other unannounced surprises.

However, some of the future benefits of owning a Batman Cowl NFT include access to exclusive products and collectible drops, Bat Cowl merch, exclusive access and benefits at DC fan events, etc.

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Although the sale starts in April, the reveal day for NFT bought is May. This means that fans will be able to find out the attributes, rarity, and storyline of their unique collectible in May.

Palm network will serve as the marketplace to mint the Batman collectible. The Palm Network is a new token-powered ecosystem for NFTs connected to Ethereum. It features low gas costs, fast transaction finality, and 99.9% more energy efficiency than proof of work systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum.