As a major fintech company in South Korea, Dunamu operates crypto exchange Upbit and several other blockchain and securities platforms. In the next five years, it plans to create about 10,000 new Web3 jobs.

The company is reportedly considering providing specific software and funding to encourage more firms to join Web3.

Since 2018, Dunamu has invested about 88 billion won ($67 million) in blockchain-centered companies.

As part of its plan, the fintech giant intends to open offices in major cities across the country and develop training programs for inducting new employees into the Web3 ecosystem.

The announcement by Dunamu that it will significantly invest in the Web3 ecosystem comes just months after it came under heavy scrutiny from the nation’s regulators.

Upbit, its crypto exchange, accounts for more than 80% of all crypto trading volumes in the country, as the fintech giant manages over $8 billion in assets.

Due to the bear market, a number of crypto firms have announced job cuts at the same time the 10,000 new jobs announcement has been made.

Even though South Korea has strict crypto regulations, it has been bullish on Web3.