Creators on Adobe-owned social media platform Behance can now display their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted on Polygon on their profile.

Will Allen, a VP at Adobe overseeing Behance, said the integration of Polygon as an Ethereum scaling solution into Behance addresses creators’ concerns about the high energy consumption level and the high gas fee of using the Ethereum blockchain.

“As a ‘PoS’ chain that uses Ethereum as a settlement layer, a transaction on @0xPolygon uses relatively little energy. This will be reduced even further after Eth transitions to being PoS (‘The Merge’) as well,” he added.

The integration of Polygon into the NFT marketplace, OpenSea, will make it easy for Behance’s creators to have access to many potential buyers.

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Stats and Image from Coin Gecko

Adobe had launched Content Credentials, a feature that allows creators to cryptographically authenticate their creative work to show ownership, authenticity, and protection against copyright infringement.

This is the second NFT integration on Behance this week. Behance announced on Monday that its creators can also showcase NFTs minted on Solana on their profile.

Allen tweeted that the integration is to also help creators bypass Ethereum’s high transaction cost and address energy use, stating that “a single transaction on Solana uses less energy than two google searches and costs a fraction of a penny. “